Lie: God is Tempting Me • James 1:1-18 • Steve Musto
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“We can get overly focused on the ‘why’ of suffering. When we walk through the roughest things in life with God, we emerge stronger, more resilient, more sensitive to others, and more reliant on God. That is all the why we need to know in order to endure. If you are here today and in the midst of a rough road, that answer is unsatisfying. The ultimate answer to the question of ‘why’ is actually ‘who’. God is the only answer we have, because he doesn’t ignore us in the midst of trials, he meets us right where we are.”

Join us over the next few months as we dig into the book of James, and learn about some of the things that trip us up as Christians, and how James helps us address them. Pastor Steve starts our new series looking at James 1:1-18, and the lie we believe that God is tempting us.