Serving Bethany & Beyond

The Bethany Deacon Team exists to help meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people at Bethany and in the La Crosse area. The Deacons fill a unique role that’s distinctly different from Pastors and Elders.

Here to Meet Spiritual Needs

The first priority of the Deacons is always the spiritual needs of any individual seeking help. We're here to pray for you and to help you find your way.

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Here to Meet Physical Needs

We want to help meet the physical needs that are too heavy for you to bear. If you need help, we want to seek God on how to help you best.

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Here to Pray with You

We want to pray for you. Prayer is one of the most powerful ways we have to meet needs through the power of our God. Please let us know how we can pray with you!

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Help the Deacons Help Others

The Deacons are always looking for people to help meet the needs of Bethany and our community. There are small and big jobs, with varying levels of commitment, and so many options that there is bound to be something that you can help with.

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