What's Going On at Bethany?

This Week's Announcements

Let's see what's coming up at Bethany.

Bless Foster Families for Christmas

Bethany has an amazing chance to serve the Foster Families in our County this Christmas! This year, our one BIG Christmas initiative is to supply all the Foster Families with presents for Christmas. They will receive these gifts during the County Christmas Party, which will be hosted here at Bethany. We need each of you to help us love and serve these families by registering to purchase a gift and then bring it to the church.You can see the full details by clicking below. If you have any questions please stop by our Engage booth in Third Place and talk with someone from our Mercy Justice Team.

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Christmas is Coming

This year, our Christmas Eve services will be at 3 & 5 pm. Christmas Day falls on a Sunday, so we will be releasing a special Christmas video experience to help you and your family to focus on Christ on Christmas Day at home. This video experience will be released instead of having services in-person on Christmas Day.

New Years Day is a Sunday!

Alongside Christmas Day, New Years Day also on a Sunday this year. So, we’ll be having only one worship service at 10:30 on January 1st. During that service, we’ll have a pajama movie day for the kids. Hope to see you there!

Get help and give help

Out in Third Place, you’ll find The Giving Tree, which is covered in $50 festival gift cards provided by our Bethany Deacons. These gift cards are for anyone who needs them, both at Bethany and within our community. If you, or your family, have a need for a gift card this Christmas, please take one and use it. But, we also want you to take one to bless another friend or family in need, and share the love of Christ with them. If you know of a need, or have a need, Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from stopping by the Giving Tree.