What's Going On at Bethany?

This Week's Announcements

Let's see what's coming up at Bethany.

Communion this Sunday

We will be taking communion together this morning! If you’re watching online this weekend, make sure you gather the needed supplies beforehand. It is so wonderful to take the Lord’s Supper together, so please join us.

Making Bethany Feel a Little Closer

One of the privileges of Church community is sharing the special events of life, and being able to celebrate or mourn together. As we’ve gotten bigger as a church, we’ve had to find new ways of doing this. One of our newest ways of helping accomplish this is through the “Bethany Family Updates” section on the website! On our “What’s Going on at Bethany?” page (this page), you’ll see a section where you can request to post an update from your family. Examples of these different life situations would be births, weddings, birthdays, deaths, Graduation Parties and anniversaries. In order to respect privacy, we just ask that only the family members request a post. This is one small way we can make Bethany Church feel a little closer. Request an update below!

Bethany Family Life Updates

Are you a part of the Bethany Family, and you would like to share a large life update (births, weddings, birthdays, deaths, and anniversaries)? Please email us below to request an addition to this page.

Celebrating Last Month's Baptisms

Last month at the Ski Show we had the sweet privilege of having baptisms at the beach! Check out some highlights from the show and baptisms.

All Upcoming & Current Events

We have lots of things going on at Bethany! Check out all we have to offer below.