Grow Group Questions ~ May 28, 2023

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Announcement:  Don’t forget about the Kids 5K coming up in June. You can get more information about participating or helping to support the kids supporting one of our active missionaries by following this link (REGISTER HERE).


  • Where is your favorite place to pray and why?

Sermon Discussion – 1 John 5:13-15

  • What specifically stands out to you about these verses and why?
  • If prayer is supposed to be a part of a Christian’s life, then why don’t we pray more?
    • How does your answer to the above question impact what you pray for?
  • Look up John 15:7: How can a believer know whether their requests are being made in accordance with the will of the Father?

Going Deeper  – 1 John 5:16-21

  • When you see a fellow believer sinning, what other actions do we sometimes take before we remember to pray for our brother or sister? Why is this so?
    • What does praying do that nothing else can do?
  • In what ways can we pray for our brothers and sisters when we see their battle with sin?
  • Describe in your own words what you think John means when he says in verse 16: “There is a sin that leads to death, I am not telling you to pray about that”.
  • Was there anything God spoke to you or that He might be calling you to in your life after the message this week?


  • What has been the most important thing God has taught you during the 1 John series and how can we pray for you to build from that?

Group Talk: Do we have a plan as a group for the summer?