The Holy Spirit

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In case you missed it, this last Sunday, we started a new series in the book of Acts where we’ll be learning about the early church, and hopefully, inspired by it. Not to spoil it, but the true key to what was happening back then was the power of the Holy Spirit moving through them. But today in many churches, the Holy Spirit is the most forgotten and uncredited member of the trinity. How can we start to change that here in our church? 


We’ll be exploring this throughout this series. But, as I mentioned on Sunday, here are some resources to help you get a jump start in your own study time.

Holy Spirit Bible Project

Holy Spirit Podcast Series | BibleProject™ 

Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit

Walking with God: How to Hear His Voice: Eldredge, John: 9780718080983

The Holy Spirit (Theology for the People of God)


Bethany, we are SO excited to see where The Spirit will lead us through this series, and we hope that you are excited with us.