Grow Group Questions • December 18, 2022

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Participant Survey  


  • What is your favorite Christmas tradition/cookie?

Sermon & Scripture Discussion – Matthew 10:34-39

  • Read Matthew 10:32-39
    • Why do you think Jesus is using such harsh language in this passage? 
    • How do you think his disciples heard this message? Remember Micah 
    • How does his language resonate with you personally?
  • What does it look like to put our relationship with God above other relationships in our lives? 
    • What changes may you need to make to re-order your relationships?
  • How do you respond when family or friends oppose or come against your actions and beliefs as a Christ follower? 
    • What are ways you try to resolve this issue? 
    • What other options do you have if resolution is difficult?
  • How can we maintain relationships with those who disagree with our beliefs without compromising our faith?

Going Deeper 

  • Read John 15:18-19
    • How does knowing that Jesus faced opposition in certain relationships help us when we have conflict with those we love? How does this change your perspective and attitude?
  • Go back and read John 15:16-17.
    •  How does the command to love each other prepare us for difficulty in relationships?
  • What are some practical ways we can give our relationships to God? What would that look like?


Prayer Time: (Focused Prayer time as a group!)

Think about people you know who are distant from you because of your relationship with Christ. Spend time asking God to give you peace about those relationships and to help you trust him for the outcome. In addition, ask God to point out any relationships where you need to put him first and what steps you might need to take as a result.