Join Us in Praying for the Lead Pastor Search

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Hey Church!

We can all agree that prayer must be one of the most important parts of this search process. The Lead Pastor Search Team, Staff, and Elders would like to invite you to join us in going before the Lord in every part of what we are doing in this process. Here are some specific ways you can join us in prayer:

For Everyone involved:

  • That we would all trust in the Lord with all our hearts and not rely on our human experience or understanding, and consistently acknowledge and trust Him in the whole process.
  • A spirit of peace, cooperation, and patience in the midst of the process.
  • That the Holy Spirit would guide our thinking and feeling.

For the Congregation:

  • Growth in trust, confidence & unity within the congregation, staff & leadership.
  • To ultimately look to Christ as the leader of this church, and to find our security and hope in Him.

For the Church Staff:

  • Strength, perseverance, and energy.
  • Rest and rejuvenation in the midst of added responsibilities and stress.
  • To serve as unto the Lord.
  • Personal openness and trust towards God’s process, timing, and plan.

For the Elders:

  • For the wisdom to seek God every step of the way
  • Clear direction from God for the future
  • That God’s perfect love would cast out all fear from the transition and the process.
  • That the Elders would hold onto the hope and faith that God is moving and will provide the Pastor that Bethany needs in His timing.
  • That God would give them a strong unity in the Spirit on which direction to go.

For the Next Pastor:

  • That God would be at work, even now, preparing him to join in leading our congregation.
  • That the Pastor and their family would fall in love with the people of Bethany and our community.
  • That their current congregation would be prepared by the Holy Spirit for them to leave.

For our Search Team & Consultants:

  • That a wisdom that surpasses human understanding would guide the whole process.
  • That God would guide them into the right conversations on behalf of Bethany.
  • That God would make His choice completely apparent to everyone, including the candidate.

Thank you so much for joining us in prayer for this whole process.