Grow Group Questions • June 12, 2022

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Has your group created a plan for how you will meet this Summer? Ask everyone in your group to make sure they complete a short survey that was sent out last week. It will help us prepare for Grow Groups this fall. 


Ice Breaker(If needed): 

  • What is something you did in your life that took the most “faith” or trust to do?


Sermon Discussion:


  • Read Hebrews 11. If you are familiar, which of these stories are you most drawn to? Which do you find the most relatable?


    • Do you have key moments in your life that you can look back on and see that God was faithful? If so, what and why? 
    • What are moments in your life when God has clearly worked despite or through your weaknesses?


  • What do you think the main point of the sermon this week was?
    • What does it tell us about what faith is? 
    • What does it tell us about what faith isn’t?


  • Read Ephesians 2:8/Romans 12:3. If Faith is the object of God’s gift to us, how does that impact how we come to God and live in obedience to him?
    • Why is it important to know that the source of faith is from God, and not us?
    • How might incorrectly seeing the source of faith as ourselves negatively impact our view of God or ourselves?


  • Read Hebrews 10:36-39. How does this impact how we think about faith
  • Out of the verses and message this week reflect on these key questions:
    • What do these passages tell us about God?
    • What do these passages tell us about humanity/us?
    • What do these passages tell us about the life God desires for us?

Going Deeper/Application:  

  • How did God move through these scriptures or sermon in your life? Is he:
    • Directing you to change something?
    • Confronting you about Sin?
    • Encouraging you with a promise?
    • Revealing something new about His heart?
  • In the passage(s) or from the sermon this week, do you see a
    • Sin to confess
    • Promise to keep
    • Promise God will keep
    • Example to follow
    • Attitude to change
    • Knowledge to retain 


Final Challenge: 

  • Do you feel you are struggling with faith? Are you in need to ask God for more faith? 
  • In ways is God asking you to turn to “live by faith”, Knowing he has given you the faith and power you need to do it.


Prayer Time: 


  • Spending time praying as the father did in Mark 9, asking God to give us faith to do what we know he is asking you to do (Be specific in your prayer if you can)
  • This week let’s pray for the family of our next Lead Pastor  (These are just suggestions please feel free to pray as the Spirit leads)


  • Use the prayer prompt cards given out at church