Grow Group Questions ~ May 21, 2023

Jessicasteffen   -  

Announcement:  Don’t forget about the Kids 5K coming up in June. You can get more information about participating or helping to support the kids supporting one of our active missionaries by following this link (REGISTER HERE).


  • What is something you have “conquered” in your life?

Sermon Discussion-1 John 5:1-4

  • What kinds of things in your daily life show that you love God?
  • Talk about the concept of conquering the world: What do you think this looks like in your life? 
    • Why is  loving God and faith the way we conquer the world?
  • How does the idea of the “upside down kingdom” that Pastor Steve spoke about influence how we think about this idea of “conquering the world”

Going Deeper  – 1 John 5:5-12

  • Describe to the group who Jesus is to you.
  • Explain how water and blood- Jesus’ baptism and crucifixion- prove that he is God’s son.
    • How does understanding the Trinity impact this (The podcast spoke a lot to this)
  • In what ways does the importance or impact of being able to “testify” about who Jesus is affect our daily living?
  • Is there something God is wanting to teach you in this message that would impact how you live differently next week?

Prayer  (Considering this and using it as a prayer prompt for group prayer time)

  • Consider praying for each other, for God to reveal to us more about who Jesus is and what it means for us to conquer the world.