Grow Group Questions ~ April 30, 2023

Jessicasteffen   -  


  • Whose coming would motivate you to clean your house and why? How deeply do you clean when “company” is coming? Why?

Sermon Discussion-1 John 2:28-3:3  (The Podcast will help with these questions)

  • John said in verse 28 that he didn’t want people to be ashamed at the return of Christ. Knowing he was writing to believers, what reason would they have to be ashamed?
  •  In these verses John calls us Children 3 times. 
    • Why is that an important identity for us to have as believers and does that impact your daily living? How?

Going Deeper  – 1 John 3:4-10

  • What specifically is the deception John warns against in this passage (vs 3)? What deceptive things are said about sin by Christians? 
  • What does John mean when he says that Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil (1 John 3:8)?
    • Can you think of ways Jesus is actively destroying “the works of the devil,” ie. sin in your life? 
    • What might we do to hinder that work of Jesus in our lives?
  • Pastor David challenged us to consider asking some people we trust if they witness habitual sin in our lives? Behaviors we seem to be unconcerned with?
    • How do you feel about doing something like this? 
    • What keeps you from doing something like this?
  • God’s children fall into patterns of sinful behavior because they lose sight of the fact that God isn’t staying away forever. Their expectations are wrong. What can you do today to modify your expectations regarding the return of our God?


Pray for each other based on the last question shared in discussion.