Grow Group Questions • May 1, 2022

Aby Anderson   -  


  • White Cross is in need of greeting cards to make scripture cards for the people of the Congo. If you have surplus cards and are willing to donate please bring them to the Engage booth and drop them in the basket.

Conversation Starter 

  • What are some words or phrases that have specific meaning to your generation or where you grew up?
    • For example, (In the 90’s) bad = good or (Currently) sick = awesome

Sermon Discussion (Read Luke 9:23-25)

Key Statement: Follow Jesus at all costs.

  • Everyone in the group pick a verse, and read aloud to the group: Matt 4:19-20, Matt 8:22, Matt 9:9, Matt 10:38, Matt 16:24, Matt 19:21, John 8:12, John 12:26, Mark 8:34; Luke 9:23
    • What are common themes you might have noticed about “following” from those passages? What stands out to you?
    • Compare our main passage with Mark 8:34-38
  • What do you think it practically means to pick up your cross?
    • What do you think it practically means to deny yourself?
      (See Gal 2:20 and Phil 2:3)
  • We know that taking up our cross will involve courage. 
    • What does being courageous in your faith mean to you today?
    • Are there times in your life when you have felt like you haven’t been courageous enough with your faith? Why do you think that was? 
  • Pastor Billy shared on Sunday that he was challenged by the church in Acts. (See Acts 2:42-47, 3:13, 3:31) He saw it as unstoppable and unwavering in comparison to some of the ways he Himself, and the modern American Church approaches faith.
    • What stops us at Bethany from being unstoppable and unwavering?
    • How can we look more like the church of Acts?
    • How can you as an individual help foster the unstoppability we see from the church in Acts? 

Going Deeper/Application

Read  (3 John 1:11, 1 Corinthians 11:1, Philippians 3:17)

  • Are there close relationships in your life that give you examples of following Christ worthy of imitation? 
    • If not what stops you from developing those types of relationships?
  • If following Jesus comes at a cost, what have been some costs in your life thus far?
  • There are also rewards that come from following Christ. 
    • What are some of those rewards in your life?
  • Pastor Billy shared that he believes the cost for our youth today in following Christ is much higher than it was for you and me.
    • Can you see how following Jesus has been more costly for teenagers today? Why or why not?
  •  We were challenged on Sunday to look at our motive for following Christ. 
    • Do you find yourself focusing on the how or the why in your following of Christ?
      • Why does it matter?

Final Challenge

  • Come back to and reflect on the Key Statement: Follow Jesus at all cost
    • Is there a part of you that is struggling to follow Jesus? Is something  luring you away from Jesus and enticing you to follow it instead? 
    • How can we be praying for the spiritual leaders in our lives as they have a great responsibility?

Prayer Time

This week could be a good week for gender breakout groups

  • Consider: Instead of taking prayer requests, spend time praying for each other based on what is shared in the “Final Challenge” 
  • Please continually be in prayer for our Elders 
    • For clarity and confidence in God’s leading
    • That God’s perfect love would cast out all fear 
    • For individual spiritual care-taking time to care for their personal spiritual growth in the midst of busy lives