Grow Group Questions • April 17, 2022

Aby Anderson   -  


  • Please take time to talk to your Group about Neighbors Day! PLEASE LEAD YOUR GROUP TO ALL SIGN UP TOGETHER.  If anyone missed the announcement you can watch it here.

Conversation Starter 

What is your favorite Easter memory?

Sermon Discussion (Read John 20)

Key Statement: Jesus meets us where we are at, to give us what we need to believe.

  • Which person do you identify within this story? (John, Peter, Mary, or Thomas)
  •  How/Where did Jesus meet you when you believed?

We are never called to blind faith, each person in this story was given evidence to believe:

  • Why do you think it was easier for John and Peter? What evidence did they get?
  • Why do you think Mary, who was presented with angels, had a harder time? 
  • Why do you think it was hard for Thomas to believe what he was told?

Pastor David shared how he believes Thomas has been falsely labeled  “Doubting Thomas”. He challenged us to see Jesus meeting Thomas where he was and giving Thomas what he needed to have faith. Do you agree with his assessment? Why or why not?

  • Why do you think historically we have given Thomas judgment and Mary grace when comparing their moments of unbelief?
  • Can you see how Mary and Thomas were similar in their struggle to believe? 

Going Deeper/Application

Throughout the book of Acts, as the Gospel is shared the resurrection is shared side by side with the crucifixion.

  • Why is the resurrection essential (just as important) as Jesus dying?
  • Look at Peter’s first sermon in Acts 2:22-24 as an example. What are other examples in Acts where we see the cross and resurrection proclaimed side by side?

Pastor David said the Resurrection was not just significant to give us eternal life after we die, but to give us a new life that begins here.

  •  How have you experienced a new life in Jesus here on earth?

Final Challenge: 

Come back to and reflect on the Key Statement: 

Jesus meets us where we are at, to give us what we need to believe.

  • As you go to prayer, is there a struggle you are having with faith right now in your life that you can share and we can pray together for?

Prayer Time

Consider: Instead of taking prayer requests, spend time praying for each other based on what is shared in the “Final Challenge” (Either as a whole or after breaking up into genders)

  • Thank God for the resurrection and the new life we have in him. 
  • Pray for anyone who might be struggling with faith right now.