Grow Group Questions • April 10, 2022

Aby Anderson   -  


  • Please take time to talk to your Group about Neighbors Day! PLEASE LEAD YOUR GROUP TO ALL SIGN UP TOGETHER.  If anyone missed the announcement you can watch it here.

Conversation Starter 

  • What type of responses did you have or feel in Parker’s opening Monologue about God? Did anything stand out to you?

Sermon Discussion (Read John 17)

  • When you think of God’s glory, which Parker started the sermon describing, what comes into your mind?
  • Why do you think Jesus’s greatest concern in his prayer is his glory?
    • How do all of his other specific prayer requests (For His disciples, protection, For the church, unity) come back to his first prayer about His and God’s Glory? 
    • How Does Unity reflect God’s glory and what should we be doing to grow in that as a church body and as Christians in our community?
  • If God the Father and Christ the Son constantly give each other glory, what does that say not only about the purpose of all of creation, but also about our relationship to God?

Going Deeper/Application

  • John 17:3 says that eternal life means knowing God, and Christ whom God the Father sent into the world. Knowing God is difficult to define and encapsulate. When you think about the idea of “knowing God”, how would you encapsulate it?
    • Read Matthew 7:22-34, What does Jesus’ use of the word “knew” tell us about what he means by know in John 17?
    • Read Matthew 22:37, How do you know God more with each of these: your heart, your soul(spirit), and your mind?
      (This question might feel ambiguous to feel free to dive deeper into what each of these areas means. It was Jesus who called us to love him with them all)
    •  What are ways you can grow in knowing God more in each of these?
  • Jesus’s whole prayer in John 17 is spoken out of his understanding as to the nature and purpose of the universe. Which in His mind is completely about and for God. How does Jesus’s understanding compare or contrast with how you day to day view the world and your own life?
    • Are there things in your life that you know to keep you from this kind of God Glory focus? How can you find a return to God over those things?

Prayer Time

Consider breaking into gender groups and praying for each other, specifically over anything that may have come up throughout the discussion.