Grow Group Questions • March 6, 2022

Aby Anderson   -  


  • We will have Baptisms Easter Sunday. Has everyone been obedient in Baptism in the group? We would love to help those that haven’t taken that step! 
  • Challenge for the group to read over next week’s text which is all of John 14  few times before next Sunday

Conversation Starter 

  • What would your dream home look like?

Sermon Discussion (Read John 14:1-6 to Start)

  • Jesus tells his disciples to believe in him the same way they believe in God.
    • Reminder: Why are the disciples troubled (look at Chapter 13)
    • How might that be a solution to their present internal “trouble” that they feel?
    • Look also at verses 9-11 to help answer this
  • Parker mentioned that he normally relates to Jesus like he relates to a boss.
    • Did this resonate with you? If so, how? If not, how would you describe how you typically relate to or pray to Jesus?
  • Many of us find it difficult to conceptualize Jesus’s love for us being as a groom for his bride, why do we struggle with this?
    • Consider these other verses: 2 Corinthians 11:2, Revelation 19:7 
    • How do we balance relating to Jesus as the husband of the church, and also someone who we should reverently fear?


Going Deeper/Application

  • History tells us that most, if not all of the disciples would die gruesome deaths as martyrs. The disciples are troubled at this moment in time about their potential fate following Christ’s departure from them. How can Jesus tell them to not be troubled if their worst fears would come true?
    • Consider looking at these verses to help: (1 John 4:18, John 16:33, Psalm 118:8, Romans 8:38-39)
    • How can we take this into our lives today and live it?
    • What keeps you from being able to?
  • When Jesus answers Thomas’s question in verses 6 and 7 what does this speak to for assurance and confidence in our relationship with God? How does this help us have hope in times of trouble?


Final Challenge

  • What are your troubles right now? Are these answers enough to help you not be troubled? Why or why not?  – Consider how verse 11 also speaks to this.
    • What else about Jesus and what God tells us can help you

Prayer Time

Consider: Instead of taking prayer requests, spend timing praying for each other based on what is shared in the “Final Challenge” (Either as a whole or after breaking up into genders)