Grow Group Questions-October 17th, 2021

Aby Anderson   -  


Please watch/listen to the podcast before or after your Grow Group as it will provide insight and more details from Pastor Thad as he shares his heart in ways time won’t allow for on Sunday morning.

Conversation Starter/Questions

What have been some of your hardest transitions in life? As those transitions were in process did you feel a call from God? How did you handle those moments?

Sermon Based Questions

  • Read Exodus 3:1-4, 10-12

God gets our attention and speaks to us in many ways and in various circumstances. To Moses, God caught his attention in Chapter 3 through a burning bush, and then began to speak to him

  • How has God gotten your attention in the past? What was your burning bush?
  • How has God spoken to you in the past? How did He affirm His will to you?
  • What was the hardest part of obeying God in that calling?

Often, when God speaks to us, there are certain personal or faith challenges involved. 

  •   What have been some of your challenges, even painful or difficult things that God has called you to do? 
  •  Share your story and how God proved faithful in His callings.

Pastor Thad used a key statement during his message on Sunday: Living In The Calling of God Means Living a Life…

  • With an open hand (what has been given, can be shifted)
  •  With your  “yes” on the table (it is about what God wants-not what I want)
  •  With acknowledging God’s sovereign will and trusting in His goodness even in moments of grief

Talk about what these truths mean to you as a Christian in your life. Share why these things can be hard, but must be present to follow after Christ in this life. 


Going Deeper

At the marriage conference this last weekend, the speakers spoke a great deal about soul-wounds and how they can resurface or trigger in challenging dynamics. 

  • Have you experienced any soul wounds resurfacing after pastor Thad’s and the Elder’s announcement? 
  • What do you think might help you as you process those things to find healing?

Transition, or leader change, is always hard, but in the church it can be even harder because within the church we form deep relationships. 

  •  How does Christ being the head of the Church bring comfort to you when you feel confused about transition or change within the church’s leadership?

Challenge and Prayer

For prayer time please spend time in deep prayer for:

  • The Bethany Family as we walk this
  • For The Bethany Elders/Spouses, Pastors/Spouses, and Staff/Spouses
  • For Thad and his family as they walk this