Grow Group Questions – July 18, 2021

Glenna Lenardson   -  

Announcements for your Group:

Mercy Justice Fun Day! We are asking your Grow Group to help us with this day designed to bless foster care families and children on August 21st. We need groups to volunteer to run carnival games. Everything will be supplied, we just need your group to run the booth. Arrive at 10 a.m. and the event ends at 2 p.m. so after  everything is cleaned up your time to serve will be done. REGISTER ONLINE.

Conversation Starter/Questions (10 minutes)

Who did you resemble more physically and personality wise, you mom, dad, or other family member?

Sermon Based Questions (15-20 minutes)

Read Matthew 5:7; 7:7-12

What is Jesus teaching us about God in these verses? And how does it encourage His followers?

Pastor Thad discussed the fact that there are many different thoughts by Bible teachers as to what the word “it” means in Matthew 7:7. Why is it important to clarify the meaning of “it”? What confusion could be caused by misunderstanding or misinterpreting the meaning?

Digging Deeper (20-25 minutes)

Read Exodus 34:6 & John 15:12 – In Exodus, we find a definition of mercy. Share how your view of love either includes or does not include mercy. Does your practice of loving others include mercy?

Read Matthew 18:21-35 and Micah 6:8 – Pastor Thad said, “I have found that those who receive God’s mercy vertically are also the ones who are able to freely give mercy horizontally.”

Share how do you relate to this statement in your own life? Is there a limit to how far our mercy should extend to others? Why or why not?

Why is Jesus’ teaching on the golden rule (Matthew 7:12) different that other thought or religious leaders’ teaching (active v. passive)?

Read 2 Corinthians 3:18 – A key statement from the message was:  “For the Christian, there should be no doubt who their father is, because of their mercy.” Share a time that you could say that you illustrated this with your life and/or a time where you haven’t?

Challenge and Prayer (10-15 minutes)

Where do you think God is asking you to improve when it comes to reflecting His nature through mercy? (For example, in your marriage, with your kids, at work, with waiters/waitresses, etc.) Take time to pray as a group about this.